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A lot of clients want the brightest light, assuming that it will help them see further.   

A lot of clients want the brightest light, assuming that it will help them see further. But the truth is, brighter doesn't mean further. Distance is decided by reflector size. The larger a flashlight's reflector, the greater the beam distance. The problem with these massive reflectors is that searchlights became too cumbersome to carry around.... Remember the old Maglights and D sized lights you see at hardware stores? Impossible to pocket carry. This is where the Nitecore P30 comes in. They were able to shrink the reflector down to just 50mm, compact enough for belt-carry without any obstruction. Combined with the powerful CREE XP-L HI V3 LED, it just works great. Heat dissipation is great, balance is great, beam distance fantastic. It's built as a hunting light, so it can withstand rifle recoil, hard knocks and outdoor elements without any problems. A constant best seller on our catalog, the P30 is also used by search teams, guard houses, offshore riggers, divers to check for oxygen lines, and anyone that needs a powerful beam in a handheld package. If you've been looking for a light that shines further than your current model but still have a compact size, the P30 is a perfect fit. As usual, every light is backed by a 60-Day Money-Back Guarantee, Free Delivery to your Door and a 1-Year Fuss-Free Warranty. You can order now at $120 each, or $84 each (bulk order of 10). Order with coupon code FREE2600 to get a free Nitecore 2600mAh battery (worth $22) with your order. Promo ends in 7 days, so do order today to get your free battery! Click here to order, they're all in stock and will be delivered to you in 4-6 working days >> 展开

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