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New year, New Journey.    

New year, New Journey.
New year, New Journey.

Remember MAGICYOYO BI, we release new colors last years.actully last two weeks
want to know more about it
here is BI
First Name ...
Double meaning,1 is Bi-Matake as you know,and we found there is symbol of element called “Bi”We think if
we use Bi name on Bimetal yoyo,that should be good,and can be “element” of Bimet
al yoyo. The logo inspired from Bismuth crystal. Design
Inspired by MAGICYOYO first bimetal yoyo Stealth. Got help from a Yoyo master.
That is how we have the slim and look like a china teacup yoyo
It has a round hub perfect for finger spin. What about the logo?
It is big and complicated logo, cover the whole hub, look actually like element BI. How can we make it better by using the finishing? If look into it you can tell, the hub is shinny without bead blasted , but catch side is matted, bead blasted. We keep one half yoyo is blank that without the big logo. So that way it is more good to finger spin See More

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