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Awesome play by Cacau Stantos with GE300.   

Awesome play by Cacau Stantos with GE300. The GE300 from MOOER is the flagship multi-effect instrument processor. By combining the well-received Micro Preamp series, TONE CAPTURE instrument matching technology, tri-voice polyphonic synthesizer module, and a wide-range of guitar effects and tools, the GE300 embellishes every single motive for creation from your mind with nuanced details. The GE300 contains dual-DSP processors delivering the fastidious detailed characterizes of... every delay, reverb, modulation or amp model inside. Thanks to the intuitive and simple UI, controls, and connection ports, the GE300 is an all-in-one working station for musicians whether in a live situation, at home, or in the studio. #mooer #mooeraudio #ge300 #multieffect #effect See More

Published Date:11/5/2020 12:52:59 PM    From:Facebook   

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