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Hello all! The GE300 version 3.0.1 has been officially released today! GE300 V3.   

Hello all! The GE300 version 3.0.1 has been officially released today! GE300 V3.0.1 firmware update: 1. New Intelligent Harmony effect has been added to the FXA module. (For best results, please place the harmony effect after distortion/overdrive effects in order to get a more distinctive and clear tone. This effect is designed for single-note melodic lines and may not produce the best results with chordal patterns. We always recommend checking the guitar tuning before playin...g to achieve best results! 2. 60’s Vibe effect has been added to the FXB module. 3. The maximum length of AMP and CAB names have been increased to 31 characters. If the file name is longer than 18 characters, the name of the current file will be shown as a rolling title from left to right. 4. Users can customize the name of their CTRL footswitches with a maximum of six characters for each name. 5. The name of the currently selected preset will be shown while accessing the SAVE menu. 6. Additional access options for the LOOPER and TUNER. Users can choose between pressing and holding both footswitches simultaneously or simply pressing both footswitches simultaneously. 7. Fixed a bug related to the Linear/Exponential modes of the volume expression pedal to ensure this function works as intended. Notice: The firmware update will clear all user data from your GE300. Please backup your data before updating the firmware. All downloads are available at www.Mooer! Click on the Support tab and you can access the downloads page from there. See More

Published Date:1/20/2021 5:58:53 PM    From:Facebook   

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