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#Huion Mega sale starts from Aug. 14th to Sept. 14 (PDT)
We have #32 sites (Official store and 31 selected distributors) participating in the Mega Sale.
And the winner goes to Sergei Uzliakov who gets the correct number.... Along with mega discounts, we have a great event for you guys!
When you purchase in our official store or selected distributor, you will receive an order confirmation.
Take a screenshot and leave it in the comment section!
We will randomly pick 3 free order winners and issue a full refund!
The 1st winner will be announced on Aug. 25
The 2nd winner will be announced on Sept. 4
The 3rd winner will be announced on Sept. 15 Check out the Mega sale & selected distributor in *Don't forget to hide your personal info in the screenshot! #Huion #Huiontablet #HuionBacktoSchool #BacktoSchool 展开

Published Date:8/14/2020 7:00:26 AM    From:Facebook   

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