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Hypatia of Alexandria Artist: @howlennz
Gear: #InspiroyH610PRO... We do a little Q&A with @howlennz about his artist path and how to improve his art skills. Q: How you start your artist path?
A: "I started to draw on digital two years ago, but I already had experience drawing traditional. Making portraits for fun but never, (until now) I had drawn my own characters. Q: How you manage to improve your skills?
A: "I think a good way (and fast) to improve on the drawing is to learn the bases as anatomy, color theory, shapes, composition, and yeah, it's boring, but... it will be so much easy to draw whatever you want to. :D" #huion #huiontablet #portraitpainting #portraitart #colorportrait 展开

Published Date:8/4/2020 12:00:15 PM    From:Facebook   

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