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We are honoured to have @Maliki_officiel in our judges' panel!⠀
Let's check out this interview and know more about her! 1. Please briefly introduce yourself...
I've been a webcomic artist, illustrator and writer for 15 years now (oh boy...). Good luck to you all. Break your limits! 2. What is your current favourite artwork by yourself?
The one in this post. 3. Your handle/ID on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram
Facebook, Twitter, Instagram: @Maliki_officiel
Website: 1. One sentence that best describes your art style.
I've been influenced by Japanese animation and manga since childhood, but I also have occidental influences, for narrative especially. I guess my art is a big mashup of all this. 2. A word to describe your feelings towards summer
I'm living by the sea, so summer means swarms of tourists and much agitation in my usually quiet place. But spending days outside, with family and friends for big meals and drinking, that's what summer is for me! 3. What will you do in a summer vacation
I think I'll stay home, as usual, working and enjoying family and friends if the corona's rules allow it. Yeah, I never really stop working, that's what an independent artist's life is 4. Favourite drink in summer
Mojito. Definitely! Go check out for more contest details. #huion #huiontablet #portraitpainting #characterportrait #illustration #digitalartist #digital_art #artcontest #contest 展开

Published Date:6/12/2020 11:00:02 AM    From:Facebook   

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