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We are honoured to have @qsanworks in our judges' panel!
We have an interview with her and let's see what we get. 1. Please briefly introduce yourself...
I'm Giovanna Loia, in art Qsan. I’m a Graphic designer from Italy, specialized in Illustrations, comics, character design in Japanese style 2. What is your current favourite artwork by yourself?
My favourite artwork is the pic in this post. 3. Your handle/ID on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram
Twitter: @qsanart
Instagram: @qsanworks
Deviantart: @qsanart 4. A link to your portfolio/website/page
1. One sentence that best describes your art style.
My art style is pretty shojo, with a lot of flowers and big attention to details. I’m crazy with perspective and ancient oriental dresses and culture. 2. A word to describe your feelings towards summer
Freedom. 3. What will you do in a summer vacation
I like to discover secret places in nature. 4. Favourite drink in summer
Peach juice How to enter the contest?
Check out: for detailed info, #huion #huiontablet See More

Published Date:6/8/2020 9:44:35 AM    From:Facebook   

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