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Lovely painting and story from @croudjay (On IG)
"So, what made you choose fine arts?" Alessia asked all of a sudden, breaking the silence between them. That question caught Heather off guard, which made her stopped painting and turned around the look at her friend in the eyes. "Why are you asking that?"... "Well, you passed high school with flying colors; you were offered a lot of scholarships to prestige schools like Harvard and Stanford — hell, you were even offered to study abroad in Korea. But here you are now; going to this crummy old community college, renting this 50 year old apartment that hasn't been renovated in years — and majoring in fine arts on top of that. What made you make that kind of decision?" Heather remained silent for a minute, not knowing how to answer her. She knew her reasons why, but didn't know how to explain it to her properly. After much thinking, she continued on with her painting, as she nonchalantly said, "I don't know, I just felt like it." 📌 Gear: #Kamvas13
📌 Software: #ClipstudioPaint #Huion #huiontablet #TeamHuion 展开

Published Date:1/2/2021 12:00:02 PM    From:Facebook   

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