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This is an essay that describes how to operate HFease200 - our manual operating table.   

This is an essay that describes how to operate HFease200 - our manual operating table. Hope it will help you also in the future. We are always listening to the needs of our customers, which you can see even from the details. Here we’d like to show you what we had done in accordance with a customer's feedback. As a manually operated table, the HFease200 can also tilt to the left or right if you want it to, lift as well. Driven by the hydraulic mechanism, it is manipulated by t...he feet of the operator, just like the gearshift pedal. Let’s start with the lifting function. If you want to raise the table, rise Pedal 1 first. This means you have switched to lift gear. Step on Pedal 3 to drive the table up. Instead, rising Pedal 3 will lower the height of the table. Then the tilting function. The operator is able to switch between left tilting and right tilting mode if he press on Pedal 1. Pedal 2 is horizontal. That is to say, it can only be pushed to the left or right. The side that the table tilts also depends on the direction you step towards of Pedal 2. Finally, press Pedal 3 to incline the bed to the expected side. As for Pedal 4, it is a brake that will lock at the deepest position, and keep the table in the same place. You can unlock it by lifting it up. We’ve also printed the diagram to a sticker, and placed it beside the pedals. Any advice for improvement will be highly appreciated, and we are always looking forward to your feedback! See More

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