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#AK4000 #AK2000 software upgrade   

#AK4000 #AK2000  software upgrade
#AK4000 #AK2000 software upgrade

A. Canon button board upgrade to: ak4000_ajb_canon_v1.2.4
1) Add the support controller.
2)Optimize the level of touching force of interface.
3)The hand gear is set disable when turn on the machine, users need to activate it manually....
4) Fix the problem that Canon 80D and 5D4 crash which reported as ERR70. B. Bluetooth update to: ak4000_ble_wifi_v1.0.9
Fix the instability of WIFI connection. GET AK4000/AK2000: #feiyutech 展开

Published Date:6/6/2019 2:59:58 PM    From:Facebook   

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