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In EMAX's endless pursuit for the lightest, highest performing drone to ever exist, was birthed the ToothHawk, the lightest FPV drone to ever exist.... Featuring a frame made out of the highest quality aerospace-grade Birch wood, the frame should withhold a number of crashes, empowering pilots to push the limits of speed. With such a lightweight frame, power to weight ratios of unprecedented levels can be achieved. By removing the need for a Lipo, the engineers at EMAX managed to focus on maximizing the use of kinetic energy in order to sustain flight times unheard of in aircrafts in its class depending on the pilot's height from the ground and arm strength. The ToothHawk offers unreal power and performance for the ultimate lightweight flight experience in the world. Available today on April 1st. 展开

Published Date:4/1/2020 6:45:01 PM    From:Facebook   

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