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Available Now from your favorite dealers or for the US and for International customers. In an effort to create various flight experiences for pilots of all skill levels, the engineers at EMAX have taken the Tinyhawk II platform and reshaped it for maximum outdoor performance. The result is the Tinyhawk II Race, a micro outdoor racing drone with incredible speed and power for a quadcopter in its class.... Featuring a power system focused on speed and performance, the Tinyhawk II Race utilizes 1103 7500kv motors in order to achieve the higher RPM necessary to achieve its power to weight ratio. Paired together with the AVAN Blur, the 2 inch propeller helps combat the increase in power with increased flight time, ensuring the pilot has a long, fast, sustainable flight. One of the key elements in re-structuring the Tinyhawk II Race for a high speed enviroment was the design of the frame. By incorporating 3k woven aerospace grade carbon fiber into the frame of the aircraft, maximum durability is attained, making the aircraft capable of standing high degrees of abuse. With the inclusion of an aerodynamic but strengthened outer shell, the interior of the craft remains protected while improving the performance of the drone. The Tinyhawk II Race maximizes the effectiveness of the improved video transmission system with increased strength, giving pilots more freedom and range than ever before. The engineers leveraged the experience by pairing the video transmission with the proven Runcam Nano 2 for its increased dynamic range, exposure control, and image quality. Designed as the ultimate outdoor micro racer, the Tinyhawk II Race leverages performance, power, and the FPV experience for maximum control in any situation. Rules:
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