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Tag a friend who flies HD!
Tag a friend who flies HD!

Available now from and or from your favorite dealers. You asked, we delivered. Our first ever HD offering with the usual EMAX twist of pushing the FPV industry into a new direction with the Babyhawk II HD. After 2.5 years of simulations, real world testing, and professional pilot feedback, we have created an all new class of drone built around DJI HD FPV systems while being under 250grams without sacrifice to... performance and flight time. Following the latest advancements in FPV technology, the engineering team at EMAX were required to design a new drone from the ground up to meet the required aerodynamic properties and performance for an HD system while retaining a weight under 250 grams. The result was the Babyhawk II HD. With over 2 1/2 years of development and simulation testing, the most optimal power to weight ratio of performance and efficiency was achieved for higher payloads as of a result of HD FPV systems. Powering the system is the ECO 1404, 3700kv, a lightweight but high performance brushless motor capable of flight characteristics of larger aircraft, with the capability to carry additional payloads such as an action cam. Paired with the motor is the AVAN Scimitar 3.5" propeller offering linear throttle response in an efficient package focused on flight time and control. The 3.5" blade length offers the most efficient performance for an HD payload in the smallest possible wheelbase, creating a new class of FPV drones. The Caddx Vista video transmitter paired together with the Nebula Pro camera offers a premium and lightweight alternative for DJI Digital HD FPV systems. With video clarity and transmission strength rivaling the DJI Air Unit, pilots can feel safe knowing a powerful connection and image will be available for any flight situation. The Babyhawk II HD offers an all-in-one HD package with superior performance for a sub 250 gram class of aircraft, re-inventing FPV for a new era. 展开

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