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We are excited to announce the all new Nanohawk! Available Now from USA Internationally or from your favorite dealers! In an effort to push the boundaries of miniaturizing the FPV experience, EMAX took to the drawing board to design the smallest quadcopter possible in their history. Introducing the Nanohawk, a nano sized FPV drone designed to offer an immersive flight experience in a new scale. Weighing in at just 20 grams, the Nanoh...awk offers unmatched control and flight recovery, giving the pilot full control of the aircraft for any maneuver. Designed from the ground up is a modern frame design optimized for a unique mix of polycarbonate in order to offer maximum durability. Debuting with the Nanohawk is the new Avia Series of propellers, redefining aerial performance with new design goals. With the Avia Nanohawk propeller, maximum thrust is achieved while maintaining an optimized throttle curve throughout the motor's performance, giving pilots better control than previously achieved with unique flight characteristics unparalleled with propellers in its class. The Nanohawk offers an all new nano scaled experience to FPV drones, pushing the boundaries further of what is possible. 展开

Published Date:12/3/2020 5:00:57 PM    From:Facebook   

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