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#LUNA was our breakthrough. #ECLIPSE is our follow-through.   

#LUNA was our breakthrough. #ECLIPSE is our follow-through. #ECLIPSE is a collection of exclusive, patented technologies from #DUNU. Beginning in 2021, all newly-developed dynamic drivers introduced by #DUNU will implement patented, trickle-down technology first achieved in our flagship #LUNA, augmented by an all-new, ultra powerful magnet system designed specifically to take full advantage of the #ECLIPSE composite driver design. #LUNA was an homage to the heavenly bodies; ...#ZEN is a look inward. #ZEN will be the first in-ear to be outfitted with an #ECLIPSE driver. Like its big sister #LUNA, #ZEN takes advantage of a metal diaphragm independently suspended by a free-moving polymer surround. The aluminum-magnesium alloy dome is further infused with sp3-hybridized carbon to eliminate surface imperfections and to further strengthen the alloy substrate. The result is a diaphragm with astounding strength and stiffness, but with the compliance of a fully independent surround. #ZEN takes things a notch further; the driver diameter is now 13.5 mm --- what people expect from #DUNU. An increase in diaphragm size meant a commensurate improvement in driver control, and our engineers completely redesigned our pre-existing magnet system. Now carved on a CNC lathe to an external ring-type structure, the new magnet is able to achieve a greater than 1.8 Tesla of magnetic field strength at the coils. Put together, the all-new #ECLIPSE driver in the #ZEN sets new performance benchmarks and simultaneously pushes the envelope for value. More importantly, it gives listeners the opportunity to #FINDINNERPEACE. 展开

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