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@aboutaudio reviewed our #DK4001! Here’ part of the extensive review:    

@aboutaudio reviewed our #DK4001! Here’ part of the extensive review: ‘’DK-4001 is a precisely constructed IEM upgraded from DK-3001 in all aspect. It’s interesting to see Dunu applying all kinds of unique structural tuning to create this IEM, but of course, it was to aim for the best and I could also agree to that. It’s evident on the product that they’ve done their best to create a seamless product, starting from the sound to minor details like switchable plugs and customiz...ed spinfit eartips. DK-4001 would fit well for those who are looking for a rich w-shaped sound with shiny upper frequencies and would, of course, be a perfect choice for prior DK-3001 or Falcon-C users. Well done, Dunu!’’ Thank you @aboutaudio for the detailed reviews and the professional photography. Read the full review about the #DK4001, please visit See More

Published Date:5/23/2019 12:02:33 AM    From:Facebook   

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