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DUNU’s first hybrid earphone, DN-1000, released in 2013,   

DUNU’s first hybrid earphone, DN-1000, released in 2013, smashed expectations for how much a hybrid earphone should cost. Eight years and nine hybrid models later, DUNU once again lowers the price threshold for a triple hybrid in-ear with an electrostatic driver. As DUNU’s latest hybrid creation, EST 112 sets a new standard for an ideal mixture of promise, performance, practicality, and price. EST 112’s 13.5 mm dynamic woofer works on a third-generation refinement of DUNU’s p...roprietary dual-sided beryllium coating. The deposited beryllium is now even thicker, with a finer, more regular grain pattern than ever before. Bass and lower midrange frequencies maintain their palpable texture and separation with improved distortion characteristics. A single Knowles mid-high balanced armature driver anchors the response before transitioning into smooth, elegant, and detailed highs. An all-new shell package encapsulates the reengineered driver circuitry and is machined from lightweight, durable aluminum alloy, finished with a scratch-resistant gunmetal anodize. Stately, polished stainless steel faceplates cap off the package in a simple, yet timeless design. Usage-wise, EST 112 continues DUNU’s tradition of bundling a quality cable with the convenient Quick-Switch modular plug system as well as a generous fit kit of different ear tips. EST 112’s designated cable is the DUW-02S, a Litz braided version of the silver-plated copper DUW-02. Aside from the standard 3.5 mm TRS single-ended plug, a 2.5 mm TRRS balanced plug and 4.4 mm TRRRS balanced plugs are also included. At an MSRP of $489.99 US dollars, EST 112 breaks a price barrier for triple hybrid in-ears. EST 112 ships from authorized DUNU dealers worldwide, as well as directly from DUNU’s official website, on March 31st. For more information, please visit: 展开

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