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Global Recruitment of Anycubic Wash&Cure Plus Reviewers   

Global Recruitment of Anycubic Wash&Cure Plus Reviewers
Global Recruitment of Anycubic Wash&Cure Plus Reviewers

Can’t wait for the Wash& Cure Plus launch? We will choose 10 candidates to REVIEW the Anycubic Wash& Cure Plus BEFORE the OFFICIAL LAUNCH. After finishing review, you can KEEP THE Wash& Cure Plus for yourself!
Who can participate?...
Anycubic and non-Anycubic users Application will be open from now until April 2th, 2021. You will need to submit some information about you and write a short essay about the topic you choose below. For Anycubic user: Select your favorite One or Two features on your Anycubic 3D printers or Wash& Cure machine For non-Anycubic user: Which features of 3D printer you prefer to focus on when you choose a new one? You can share your essay, video or photo on your social platform and @Anycubic official account with hashtag #anycubic #reviewerrecruitment. How do we select the reviewers? Anycubic product team will choose winner based on the review quality. The review format can be essay, photo or video and we encourage submit the review in various formats. The selected reviewers will be announced on April 8th, 2021. Failed to be the TOP 10? Your efforts are still valuable for us! The TOP 30 candidates who ranked after the Top 10 will receive a discount voucher on any Anycubic 3D printer! What do reviewers need to do AFTER receiving the Anycubic Wash &Cure Plus?
Once you get the Anycubic Wash&Cure Plus, you can start creating your review share on your and Top 5 reviews will be re-posted on our official social media account to get more exposure! #3d #3dprinter #3dprinting #3dprinted #anycubic #anycubicphoton #anycubicmonox #anycubicphotonmonox #washandcure #washandcureplus #bigger #biggersize #release 展开

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